Eye of the Sun

from by Attilan



The end is drawing near. You're not sure if it's your end, or the end of this episode. You can feel the darkness has torn you in twain, but it's almost elating. Maybe it didn't do as much harm as you think. Maybe you aren't as worthless as you thought. You can submit and drown in this desolate ocean of thought, or you can remind yourself that you're strong enough. You can get through this. Prove your demons wrong.
You are the sun, your world revolves around your perceptions.


I lull in suspended sunrise
Intervals of white within the sable landscape
Wrapped up in a blanket of space
Warmed by the heat of the sun
Vitriol has condemned the Stars
They align tonight for the gallows
Abysmal eye beckons to me
I descend into the shadows.

And I see god

Can you see the markings in the sky?
Illustrations of a thoughtless child
Dangling innocently by a noose
Repugnant is now what once would beguile
The sunset is scored by thunder
The child is torn asunder
Bound in shackles of thought
Held down by what I bought

And I see naught

Eye of the sun

Invisible to you, yet it's all I see
What's insubstantial to you caves in on me
Poisoned mind, nefarious visions I find
Found in shackles that bind
How do you expect me to climb?

I am the sun


from Dysthymia, released May 20, 2017
Drums: Matt Kathler
Guitars and vocals: Mark Barron
Lyrics, bass and vocals: Jeremy Simpson



all rights reserved


Attilan Winnipeg, Manitoba

Your shadow will groove to the amalgamation of darkness and light that these Winnipeg-based musical blizzard wizards have forged. Attilan will guide you from sea to space as you feel the galaxy permeate your soul.

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